Strategy Over Luck

Multiprizer is more a Game of Strategy, and less a game of chance. Although we implement a powerful ‘provable random’ to create fair outcomes for the games, the probability of victory is majorly influenced by the gameplay leveraged by the players.

Unlike other pure chance-based games, or lotteries, the tokens can be reverted back at any point of time, giving the leverage for players to exit the game with their tokens, in case they sense a crowding strategy (a player purchases significant amount of tokens using multiple wallet addresses, thereby obtaining huge probability of victory) is being implemented by another player. This, teamed with the fact that the house edge is 10%, ensures that players cannot crowd the game by purchasing too many tokens, as they have to forfeit 10% of the purchase value in any gameplay.

Also, the probability of winning is significantly high as compared to pure chance-based games, sometimes reaching as high as 1/20, and since the game intervals are much shorter, and token values of some games are much smaller, makes for a much fairer, much healthy gameplay.

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