Quick Start

Note: You need to already have setup Metamask (for desktop or laptop) / Trust Wallet (for mobile) and possess enough ethers to play. In case you haven’t finished this step, read the detailed document on how to play.

Game Labels

  1. Visit the Ethereum Mainnet site to play with real ethers (which have real value), or Ropsten Testnet, to play using test ethers (which have no intrinsic value)
  2. Select one of the game-boards as per the game parameters (timer duration, winning chance, bounty size, total tokens per round, max tokens per player etc.)
  3. Enter the number of tokens to purchase in the text field named ‘buy tokens’ and press ‘PAY’. In the payment window, you can choose to keep Gas Price between 3Gwei and 20GWei.
  4. Wait till your purchase is confirmed, after which your purchased tokens start showing along with a ‘Revert’ button. You can choose to revert the tokens any time during the round is on, which will refund your crypto amount and cancel your participation.
  5. Once the timer duration expires, the round is closed, and a new round starts. The winner will be chosen and notified in a short while in the notification bar. The winner automatically gets the total token value of that round credited to his/her wallet address, after edge.

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