MegaPrize is a special bonus prize that is offered apart from the prize winnings of the various game rounds. To become eligible for the MegaPrize, a player should have played any one of the Game Boards at least once, without reverting. Thus, if you have played any of the games in Multiprizer DApp even once, you are automatically eligible for MegaPrize consideration.

The MegaPrize rounds are much longer in duration than the game rounds and can go on for a week or two. Once the MegaPrize round duration is finished, one of the participants is picked using the same popular ‘Provable Random’ we use for the game rounds.

There is no weightage for the number of games a player has played, or total tokens the player has purchased. The only criteria is to have played any game at least once throughout the duration of MegaPrize round, and every historical participant has equal probability to win. Once the MegaPrize round is over and a winner declared, a new round begins and the players will again have to satisfy the criteria of having played any one of the games at least once, without reverting.

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