This DApp has been created after carefully considering the decentralized nature a Blockchain based DApp is supposed to be. This means that the DApp should be designed in such a way that there is no central point of control for any facet, and in extension, no point of complete or partial failure in gameplay and no chance of liability for players in any scenario. And that’s exactly what Multiprizer delivers. Even though there are specific points which still requires proprietary model, such as the timekeeper bot which runs in a Cloud instance perpetually, managing timers of various Game Boards and completing rounds when timer expires.

But the DApp is designed in such a way that the player’s liability is zero, which means that even if in a highly improbable and hypothetical scenario that the timekeeper bot starts malfunctioning or gets influenced, there is no liability to the players because the players can choose to ‘Revert’ their tokens until the round completion routine is called for a specific Game Board.

Also, consider the scenario that the website itself is housed in a hosting space which is not necessarily decentralized. In a hypothetical and improbable scenario that the website itself is attacked by malicious actors, such as a DDoS attack, even if the site goes down, the player’s liability is zero, since there would still be option to play the games using DirectPlay option, which doesn’t require visiting the site, and can trigger direct participation using sending tokens directly from your Ethereum wallets. Thus, the design of the DApp is consistent with implementing decentralization of gameplay and reducing player liability to zero.

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