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Multiprizer is a strategy-based game in which a player can choose from multiple gameboards of different gameplay, to play their tokens intelligently. The rounds are time-bound, hence after the timer runs out, one player is chosen using the most powerful ‘provable random’ in blockchain history - Ledger based random of Oraclize, with on-chain proof verification. The winner gets all the tokens played in that game round, after edge.

What makes Multiprizer unique is, it incorporates complete decentralization that blockchain and peer-to-peer networks imbibe, which means the games cannot be influenced by any entity and will run perpetually in the Blockchain based world computer.

It also implements the most secure and trust-less gameplay platform using best-in-class smart contract design methodology which cannot be tampered with or influenced by malicious players, rogue miners, hardware downtimes or Act of God.

Game Board

Basically, this game can be played from anywhere around the Earth, with complete privacy and anonymity (pseudonymity) and confidence of security and get back your tokens multiplied on victory!

Note: All the examples and illustrations are presented for Ethereum Blockchain, but the same process / mechanism can be used for other Blockchains also.

Game Contract Addresses

  Mainnet Ropsten
Multiprizer Contract 0x4E0C7a80dBf4aCdD6F020c3dD796Ef5b97D26Ed0 0x44cd9Cf21c589ac9D92a18782771485aF02250F9
Multiprizer Oraclize Contract 0x8E19A78146c50810da3FA93C3Adf237f8de70306 0xCb061C64c6Cfa3DC923a6a620A6E7BEFf0A0D16d

Game Property Values

  Mainnet Ropsten
Gas Limit for DirectPlay of Game 234567 234567
Gas Limit for DirectPlay Withdraw 65432 65432
Value to send for DirectPlay Withdraw 0.00023456 eth 0.00023456 eth

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